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Welcome to the Skills System! The Skills System is a set of nine coping skills and three system tools that we can use to handle our emotions, thoughts, and actions in ways that help us reach our personal goals. Knowing how to feel emotions and to think clearly helps us experience life fully while making good decisions for ourselves. The Skills System Instructor’s Guide: An Emotion Regulation Skills Curriculum for All Learning Abilities by Julie F. Brown, LICSW is available through Amazon.com. The Guide includes comprehensive curriculum materials for a master’s or PhD level clinician to do individual and/or group Skills System emotion regulation skills training.

Great News: The 2nd edition is heading to production! Guilford Press is publishing the Emotion Regulation Skills System (working title). I think it may be available in the late Fall 2014, but perhaps early in 2015. There is new information, curriculum materials, and handouts. I will keep us all informed!

Below is a video of people using the Skills System!

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Skills System Instructor’s Guide is available at link below.

Research Article- Pilot Data: Here is the link to the open access article “Treating Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors With Adapted Dialectical Behavior Therapy” by Julie F. Brown, Milton Z. Brown & Paige Dibiasio in the Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities. Published online: 03 Jul 2013.

 The 9Th Annual Yale NEA-BPD Conference

“The Skills System: An Emotion Regulation Skills
Curriculum for all Learning Abilities”

Conference Video: Here is the link to the 90-minute YouTube video of the Skills System presentation at NEA-BPD Annual Conference at Yale University in May 2013

Please Note: The software is being updated in the Test Center. The quiz is new and functional. Give it a try! We are updating the two exams. If you have any difficulty, let me know via email or phone.
Skills System Training: We are starting a monthly 2 hour skills review and skills coaching training at the JRI-ICS office at 2364 Post Rd., Warwick, RI 02886 starting in April. We will meet at 9-11 each first Friday of the month (2nd Friday in July due to the holiday). There is a small fee for attending these trainings; it is oriented towards training direct support staff. Also, I am doing a 90-minute presentation at the International NADD conference in May in Miami.

Free Downloads: If you are interested, there are new materials being offers through the Downloads to the left on the Home page. There is a new PDF of the Skills Plan Map which is very helpful as an overview of the Skills System. It is a nice addition to the skills notebooks and for staff training. Also, there is a PDF of a set of skills cards. These are best laminated and cut on the dotted lines. I love to use them on a large table or on the floor of the group room; they are a great teaching tools in group and at trainings. There are so many creative ways to use them to make learning hands-on and fun! I will be working on a smaller set to use on a desk in the near future.

System Integration of the Skills System: For teams exploring the option of implementing the Skills System in your agency, I find the book Leading Change by John P. Kotter to be a great resource. This book describes the challenges we all face when trying to implement systems’ change (such as integrating a model such as the Skills System into team/agency settings). This book is full of wisdom and practical advice for people trying to mobilize change in complex business/human service systems. I put the link on the Helpful Items tab.

Skills Store: As always, if you are making international purchases (or have difficulty with an online purchase), I would email (juliebrown@theskillssystem.com) me or call me first (508-317-2115 or 508-636-3881), so that I can try find the lowest shipping costs. Also, if you are ordering more than 10 of any item, bulk rates are available. The shopping cart in the store does not calculate bulk rates, so please contact me regarding those circumstances.

Training Videos: There are six training videos on the Training Videos tab. These 10-15 minute videos are of clinicians at Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Boston, MA who have started Skills System groups and share their experiences with us. The videos take a few minutes to download; I think the information is worth the wait! If these do not work properly, be sure you have an updated version of Flash Player

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